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Business Insurance

California is one of the most litigious states in the country. Prepare your business and your employees by insulating against risk from the unexpected.

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Life Insurance

Preparing for the unexpected is very important in planning for your family and business. Life insurance offers a safety net should the unexpected occur.

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Home Insurance

For most people their home is the largest investment that a family ever makes. Protecting the dwelling and contents is essential in a family’s financial plan.

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Auto Insurance

Understand auto insurance, the proper coverage you need to insulate you and your family should you become involved in a major accident.

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ConXis Insurance Services            

  • we look to establish a relationship with our clients
  • maintain a level of protection that gives peace of mind
  • we pride ourselves on educating our clients to make sure they know exactly what they are purchasing
  • continually seeking ways to improve our service and our market access
  • our primary obligation is to the client not the insurance company
  • we place the client’s interest first when negotiating coverage terms, assisting with claims and providing risk management advice


To grow with you and help you to stay on your personal path today, tomorrow and beyond…
Help manage the risk or our clients , by helping them recover from the unexpected, and to keep them on a path to realize their dreams…

Main Insurance Services

  • Understand what you car is worth.
  • Understand what coverage you will need for uninsured/ under insured motorist. You will need to understand your health insurance coverage, and short and long term disability coverage.
  • Realize that if you are moving you may want to call your insurance agent for a quote as your insurance rates are based on zip code.
  • Take the time to go to traffic school for a ticket id does affect your rates.
    Typically accidents stay on your record from 3 to 5 years depending on the carrier.
  • DUI’s will stay on your record up 10 years, where if a DUI is pleased down to wet and reckless , dry and reckless it will appear on your record for 7 years.


  • Look to understand what it costs to rebuild your home . Ask around in Orange county should be looking to have $175 per sq ft coverage at minimum. Upgrades such as custom kitchens, bathrooms, tile , build outs, imported items, etc. would require additional coverage talk to your agent.
  • Know you personal property coverage. Collections, jewelry, guns, silverware, computers and other items may have limits on your home policy if you have any item that is of value talk to your agent. It may need to be scheduled to make sure you have proper coverage.
  • Personal Property make sure you have receipts and strongly recommended to take video or have pictures of items in your home. Come claim time you will be asked to itemize items need something to prove ownership as well as jog your memory of items that you had.
  • Know the difference between ACV and replacement cost coverage. Actual Cash Value offers the depreciated amount of the item. Replacement cost will replace item with a similar item VERY IMPORTANT.
  • Understand your roof coverage many polices will offer Actual Cash Value for your roof.


  • Life insurance can provide a family a sense of financial security at an unexpected time of loss.
  • Both term and permanent life insurance have a purpose and place. Make sure you understand the need and horizon that you will need life insurance in the long run permanent insurance believe it or not may be a cheaper option! Talk to your agent.
  • Businesses have a huge need for life insurance. Life insurance is used in buy sell agreements, key man insurance, and used as financial security for family businesses where only some of the children participate in the business. Talk to your agent.
  • Life insurance can be used as college saving opportunity. Cash value in a life insurance policy is not required to be used for education. Where 20% of the cash value of a 529 plan is required to be used each year of enrollment.
  • Cash value of life insurance can be used to help fund retirement. Talk to your agent for details.


  • California is one of the most litigious states in the country proper liability insurance is a must.
  • Hired /Non Owed vehicle coverage on your business policy Very inexpensive and can protect you should you need the coverage.
  • Workers Compensation insurance is required by all businesses in the state that have employees. This coverage provides coverage from the employer for work related injury, disease, lost wages should a work related accident occur.
  • Data compromise coverage, or data breach coverage, is another way to protect your business. This type of coverage helps protect against any associated legal or other costs in the event that personal data of employees or customers is stolen or accidentally released by your company.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

I got my business & personal Auto insurance through ConXis Insurance Services, Chris is very knowledgeable and courteous. Chris takes the time to make sure I have the right coverage and the right price to give me peace a mind. Thanks for taking the time and explaining so many different coverages and options.
Josh M. - Yorba LInda
I contacted Chris after being dissatisfied with my current insurer State Farm. Chris was really helpful, and got me the insurance level I needed. Not under, not over but just the right amount of insurance for my needs. The process was painless and he was right there every step of the way.
Erich N. - Dana Point
I went to Chris for my auto insurance and he was very helpful. He pointed out somethings that I had in my current policy that were costing me a lot of money. I did not expect to get such a great rate!
Thomas J. - Orange
Very efficient and good with communication. Takes time to listen to the client and make sure they not only have the best price, but that they have the proper coverage for when you need the insurance. My family and I know we are safe and protected with Chris Hayes at ConXis Insurance Services Inc..
Chris S. - Placentia
I am very thankful that I had the chance to talk to Chris with Conxis Insurance Services Inc. He gets the best deals and everything gets done very fast! Will continue to go here in the future.
James H.
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If you would like to speak to one of our representatives, there are many ways you can contact us.

Come visit us in person, call and speak with us during business hours, or leave a question or quote request on the online form.
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Orange County Insurance

ConXis Insurance Services Inc. strives to make our California insurance agency a combination of new technology with old-fashioned know-how. Located in beautiful Orange County California we can help you accomplish your insurance goals, we ensure that our entire staff is made up of only licensed insurance agents.

Because we are an independent insurance agency serving Orange County and all of California, ConXis Insurance Services Inc. works for you, not the big insurance providers. If you need a reliable insurance policy in the Orange County or anywhere in California, our insurance professionals can search many different insurance providers in order to make sure you get the insurance coverage you need at the best possible market price.

Have you ever wondered if you could get a better deal on auto insurance in California? Do you think that you have enough California home insurance under your current policy? An ConXis Insurance Services Inc. agent would be glad to answer any questions you have about California insurance policies.

Better yet, if we find out that your current insurance policy doesn’t make the cut, we will give you a free, no-obligation insurance quote for you to consider. No matter if it is California business insurance or California life insurance, speak to an agent today!
No matter what drew you to our company – be it superior coverage, low prices, or reliable customer service or just near you in Orange County – we thank you for visiting ConXis Insurance Services Inc. , your local Orange County insurance agency. We look forward to working with you in pursuit of your ultimate insurance solutions.

If you would like to speak to one of our representatives, there are many ways you can contact us. Come visit us in person, call and speak with us during business hours, or leave a question or quote request on the online form on any of our California insurance solutions pages. We look forward to earning your business!

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