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California Professional Liability Insurance (Errors and Omissions)

California Professional Liability Insurance ( more known Errors and Omissions Insurance E & O) is a type of that protects companies and their workers against claims made by clients for sub standard work or negligent actions. California professional liability insurance often covers both court costs and any settlements up to the amount specified by the insurance contract.

E&O insurance can cover the cost of defending your company in a civil lawsuit and certain damages awarded, even if the legal action turns out to be groundless. Your business still has the obligation to defend which can be very costly. California Professional liability insurance is required  for certain kinds of professional practices, insurance, technology, medical, and legal, where it is more commonly called malpractice insurance. It is always important to remember professional liability protection is not part of your general liability insurance or if a sole proprietor  your homeowners insurance.

Coverage does not include criminal prosecution. Common claims that professional liability insurance covers are negligence, misrepresentation, violation of good faith and fair dealing, and inaccurate advice. Some policies could also cover privacy violations.

Most professional liability polices in California are written on a “claims made” or “claims made and reported” form. what this means that any claims must be made or, in some cases, made and reported, (need to know your reporting window) within the policy period. The retroactive date becomes very important. Claims that arise out of acts committed prior to the retroactive date will not be covered. The farther back the retroactive date, the more coverage provided.

Some policies also include the defense expenses within the limit of liability. Some will exclude punitive damages. The wording of these policies can vary greatly, and each policy must be read carefully to make sure the coverage fits the needs of the client. The cost of California Professional Liability  insurance may vary greatly depending on the size of the business, type of business, location, claims experience (both the insured and of the industry they are in) and from insurance company to insurance company.

What Is Needed For California Professional Liability Policy

An insurance company underwriter typically asks for copies of contracts, a description of quality control procedures, documentation procedures, training procedures, etc.The underwriter will not only look at your experience to see if you have had claims, but they will also try to determine the reason you haven’t had claims. Is it luck or are you doing something that prevents the claim in the first place? And if you have had claims, what steps have you taken to ensure that the same errors will not continue to occur?