California Worker’s Compensation

As a California Business Owner, you do everything you can to protect your employees from potential dangers. Liability exposures created by having employees doing their everyday jobs is very real. Should an employee be injured on the job you have an obligation mandated by the state of California to rehabilitate that employee.

The workplace happens to be an extremely common place for a person to be injured—making a comprehensive California Workers Compensation policy a necessity for every business. Workers Compensation typically involves a variety coverages including paying for medical treatment and disability as well as providing aid in terms of handling lawsuits filed by injured workers. Our California Workers Compensation policies can easily be tailored in order to match your business venture’s unique needs. Policies include coverage for:

  • Medical costs – A business should take every practical measure to create a safe work environment to prevent worksite injuries and illnesses. However, accidents happen anyway. When an employee is injured and needs medical attention, the employer can be held responsible for covering the cost. Medical costs include treatment, ambulance rides, emergency room visits, etc.
  • Ongoing Care- includes medically necessary treatments such as surgery, physical therapy, treatment form specialists etc. This the employer is required to pay whether employee returns to his job function or not. California workers compensation insurance is considered to be a “no-fault” program which means that generally speaking if an employee is hurt on your premises, the employer is liable for the claim.
  • Lost wages- If an employee is hurt on the jon and files a claim the employer’s workers compensation policy would pay for those wages.while they rehabilitate.  This is where programs such as modified duty come in to help mitigate the costs of the claim.
  • Death Benefits – IF an employee is killed while working the California workers compensation insurance policy would pay for the cost of the funeral.
  • Legal Costs– In the event an employee sues the employer the policy will help cover the costs of an attorney to defend the law suit.

The type of business that can be insured with a Workers Compensation policy may be an individual, partnership, joint venture, corporation, association, fiduciary, or other entity, and policies are designed to handle work-related accidents as well as diseases. Policy payments will be defined by the State of California or the jurisdiction in which a covered job site incident occurs. Have more questions about California Workers Compensation? Feel free to give us a call, our expert insurance specialists at Conxis Insurance Services Inc. are here to help you gain the coverage your business needs and deserves right now.

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